Surgery is right around the corner!

Well, October 9th is not too far off and with the days passing like hours it will be here before we know it!  Last I left off we were going for an evaluation at RIC to see if there were any other options left besides surgery and the answer was a resounding NO!  They brought in some equipment for Cam to try to see if he could tolerate standing with his contractures and he was in too much pain to even last for a few minutes.  Basically we all came to the conclusion that if he wanted to stand again, surgery was our only hope, so October 9th here we come!  
 At this point, we are all ready and just want it to be over, the anxiety seems to build more and more everyday as we wait.  Cam is ready, in fact as we were waiting for the bus on Monday he said ” why can’t my surgery just be on Monday so we can get it over with!”  I agree with him 100%, I just want Wednesday to come and go as quickly as possible.  He seems to be dealing with it very well.  He has had a lot of questions for me and seems very open about it, which is a huge step for Cam.  He even told me that he has told almost all of his friends at school that he will be having the surgery and returning to school with casts on for a few weeks.  Somehow the fact that Cam is OK with everything makes it just a little easier for us.  

Basically the plan is this……

Surgery October 9th, typically they keep us just one night until the pain can be managed with prescription meds that we can give at home.  From there Cam will wear straight leg casts for about 3 weeks.  (He is really not looking forward to that part).  On October 29th we head back downtown to get his casts off and immediately check in to RIC for 2-3 weeks of inpatient rehabilitation.  Cameron will see PT and OT for approximately 3 hours a day in order to try and rebuild the strength he lost during his downtime.  Our goal is to get Cam to a point where he is comfortable in a stander, which we are hoping should be in by the time we get home.  ( )  Cameron has set his mind to stand on his own and wants to try his best to walk again!  He seems very determined to make this worthwhile so we are behind him 110%.  I hope that the results live up to his expectations and that his pain is not too great.  
As for Kev and I we are hanging in there.  I think we are doing as good as any parent in this position would be doing.  We have our sleepless nights, our days where we are feeling down, our days where the anxiety seems to be all you can focus on, our days where we feel hopeful of the results, and our moments where we are so proud of Cam that nothing else matters.  We have remained open with each other about our feelings and emotions and tried to be understanding when the other is having a rough day, but let me tell you, it’s not easy.  We have our moments where we both fall off the wagon at the same time and we look at each other and aren’t sure who is going to take the first step to help the other one back on, but somehow we pull through.  
We are blessed to have an amazing support system of family and friends that are always there for us in moments like this, and for that I thank all of you, relationships like those are priceless.  I have a great deal of confidence in the team of doctors that will be with Cam on this journey and know that they too only want the best for him.  The next 6 weeks will bring a series of physical, mental and emotional challenges for all of us, but I know that together we are so strong that nothing can stop us from pulling through. 

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