Surgery is over, now comes the hard part

Well, the surgery went well and fairly quick. The GI was done much faster than expected and said everything looked completely normal. The surgeon them placed his G-tube which took about an hour.  After 2, what seemed to be very long, hours Kev and I went to see Cam in recovery. He was very groggy still but insisted that he wanted to see the tube that was in his nose so we took a picture of it and he went back to resting. ( thank god for camera phones!). 

We got settled into our room, met our nurses and got the plan for the day.  Cam was so great all day, he was really a trooper!  He spent all day laying low and never complained or said too much of anything. The ng-tube (the one in his nose) was set to drain all of his fluids below gravity for the first six hours, then they would “rack it”, or put the tube in the air to see if  his body can digest his own fluids.  Then after 12 long hours of a tube up his nose it could be removed. So that’s the plan………’s how the night really went

Things were going well so at 5:30pm they racked his ng and we waited.  We watched movies and tv, cam still wasn’t up for talking too much so we all just relaxed. Thanks to Morgan, jayme and ilynn we didn’t have to eat hospital food 🙂 so we had a good dinner and began our night.  Cam has been on a schedule of pain medication every 6 hours, so he was pretty comfortable.  As usual doctor after doctor comes in, checks him out tells us he needs to use the bathroom because his bladder is full.  Well, we had no luck so in comes the nurse at 9pm with a straight cath………..NOT FUN!   We got through it and finally got cam settled back in about 10:30 and by 11 he was sleeping soundly.  At 11:30 the door opens and its time to remove the ng and begin putting clear liquids through his G-tube.  All was good until Cam fully wakes up to someone messing with his stomach trying to connect the extension to his new button (g-tube opening). Everytime she touched it he was in pain and so were we. Finally it gets locked in and she removes the ng, although unpleasant feeling Cam said it was worth it to get that out of his nose.  Now for another dose of toradol and back to bed.  We slept as good as expected in a hospital with things beeping, people in and out and the deluxe recliner and sofa sleeper in the room. 

Then comes 6am…….nurse check. The first thing she say is “we need to get him to pee, it’s been over 8 hours”.  Here we go, Cam is upset and moving into full meltdown ( can’t say I really blame him). We try everything and in the process his tube gets moved around and now he really can’t go because he is in too much pain.  Back to bed we go……..with no success. :(. Now we are waiting for the day shift to come in and decide what the plan will be from here.  Initially they said we would be going home today, but not sure that’s going to happen at this point. 

We are just taking things a little at a time and crossing every bridge together as a family as we get to it. We keep telling Cam to keep his spirits up and it will all be over soon and he will feel better every day! 

Thanks to all of our family and friends for your love, thoughts, prayers and support. We appreciate everyone that takes a moment out of their day to think of us, it means more than we could ever express in words!

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