Maybe I will try this blogging thing….

So in the past these posts have always been written by Elisha…and don’t fret, I am sure they will continue to be.  Elisha has just been very busy lately and I have had some time, so I figured I would give it a whirl and and give you all an update.  Warning I tend to swear a bit more then Elisha (or a drunken sailor for that matter).  I will try to keep it PG-13

It’s not easy to sit here in front of a keyboard and decide where to start.  How do you pick a spot to begin?  How do you tell a story without it becoming a complete bitch session (which is what I tend to do).  I guess the best method is to just talk about the good, and minimize the bad….so here it goes.   Damn truth time…..I just typed for 30 minutes and realized it was a total bitch fest with about 10 F bombs and choice words about TCF Bank….so I saved it for another time and am going to try again.  This is going to be much shorter as apparently I am better and being angry then telling happy stories…Yes I know this will come as a surprise to many of you.

As a parent we all try to make decisions that benefit our kids  Moving was a hard decision for us.  Let alone the serious financial implications, there were more.  Cam’s best friend lived two doors away.  He has a great situation at his school and would have to change.  It’s the house we became a family in, and the only home we had ever known in Illinois!  And all that aside the thought of packing and moving makes me sick to think about even know.  How in the world did we accumulate so much shit>?

It was a long process to find a place for us.  Take the available houses in the area we want to live, then take only the ones we can afford, then take only the ranch  floorplans, then the ones that are in his same school district and you end up with about 3 places to choose from, none of which we liked or would live in (YUCK).  It was a total fluke that we found the townhouse we ended up buying.  We were not even looking for it, and Elisha got a random email from Zillow telling her to check it out.  We walked in and took one look and knew this was the place.

We have been living in our new house now for about 2 months and things are better then we hoped.  The amount of independence Cam has gained is beyond words.  The first time he transferred from his computer chair, to his wheelchair, to take himself to the bathroom while saying “I got this Dad”……I am not ashamed to say I stood there watching him poop with tears in my eyes.  Can you imagine what just having that simple freedom in your own home would feel like after really never being able to do it?  Cam faced this challenge, and more every day.  There is still many struggles ahead of us regarding the other house and our financial situation and those four words…”I GOT THIS DAD” made it the best decision we could have made.

We have a few more little things to finish up here to make it our home.  As soon as we do we will be having a BBQ to have all our friends over and see our new home and celebrate a new level of independence for all of us!




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