Guess we don’t need to tell Cam………

So we have been waiting to let Cam know that we scheduled his surgery until the day got closer so he didn’t have too much anxiety or worry about it………little did we know, we were the only ones with the anxiety!!!

As Kevin and Cam were sitting in the living room watching TV Cam says “I have a question, Why am I having surgery?”  So Kev asks where that question came from out of the blue.  Cam says “I was looking at the calendar on my Ipad to see when we were going to Monster Jam and saw that it said Cam surgery on Monday the 11th.”  Kev began to tell him that it was for the feeding tube and Cam responded by saying “is it the thing in my nose?!”  of which Kev responded no, it’s the one in your stomach and Cam says “OK, good.”  Then proceeded to watch his TV show!!!!!!

The entire situation was very surreal, clearly he has known about it and dealt with it MUCH better than we have!  

I came home from work tonight and asked him about it as I was kissing him goodnight and he told me it was no big deal.  Just 2 weeks ago he freaked out at the idea of a tube and now he seems to be just fine with it???  

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good thing!  I am glad that he has thought about it and accepted it,  I wish I was half as brave as he is.  He sees everything from such a different perspective and it just never ceases to amaze me! 
Love to all!!

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  1. I am amazed at how strong my Ryan is too. They seem to hold it together better than us adults! I will be praying for Cam and his surgery@

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