Welcome to the Cameron’s Crew blog.  

I decided that starting a blog was the best way to keep everyone up to speed on the happenings of Cam and our lives, whether it be good, bad or ugly.  Cam has been having some struggles as of late and it seems to be harder and harder to be sure that everyone that wants updates gets them in a timely fashion, so here it is!

I invite you into our family and hope that as I post news, info and facts about Cam and Muscular Dystrophy that we can raise awareness of this terrible disease as well as keep everyone informed of what he is up to as he gets older.  Please feel free to add in comments and information that pertains to what we are going through at any time.  

Raising a child with muscular dystrophy creates a life filled with deep valleys and high peaks, and you never know what’s over the next hill.  One day you are having the time of your life and feel like you won the lottery and the very next day this disease can take that away and you are left asking yourself “why Cam?, why us?”.  No doctor can tell us what lies ahead, good or bad, and no medicine can take it away or even make it better.  All of your love, support, thoughts and prayers are what help us climb out of the valleys and enjoy the peaks to the fullest. 

We feel very blessed to have Cameron in our lives each and every day.  No matter what this disease does to him he always wakes up with a smile, ready for whatever the day brings.  He has made Kevin and I better people by showing us what living is really about.  We don’t sweat the small stuff, we never let anything come between us and our family, and we appreciate everyone in our lives like never before. 

I will post a link to MDA for those of you who want to learn more about the disease or want to know how to get involved in your area with MDA.  They are a part of our family and have been there for us through everything in more ways than one. 
Elisha, Kevin and Cam

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